This  Injeer Apps Google Play Account  privacy policy is intended to inform you regarding collection, use and disclosure of your personal information against our services we provide for all the apps uplo aded in this account. Apps in this account ask for the access of following information which is necessary for the settings of the all apps. 1.      Collection of Data: ·          All the data is collected from authenticated sources and the sources are mentioned in Disclaimer within the App. ·          Public Audios are extracted from public sources which do not violate Google terms and rules. ·          All content in the apps as per our best knowledge is in public domain but if there is any such which has copyrighted issues then feel free to contact us on our providing email id and we will replace or omit them all. 2.      Disclosure of User personal information: ·          All apps ask you for the permissions of following fields including audio/video files, images, a

This is Official Blog of Injeer Apps on Google Play

Hello Guys, This is official blog of Injeer APPS on Google Play.